Thursday, 19 April 2007

Catford Construction

Construction in Catford is on the increase, as new homes are being built to house the number of people seeking to live within the area. However it can be said that focus needs to be placed on the homes that are already constructed within the town. A local resident was lucky to be alive after getting up from his bed moments before his ceiling collapsed onto the bed he was sleeping on. Dwyane Berry said: "I was almost Killed." The story was covered in the recent edition of the local newspaper The Mercury.

Catford News

A walk will be taking place this Saturday, to protest against street violence. The walk will take place starting from Rushy Green. Bridget Prentice, local MP for Lewisham East will be taking part in the walk.

Catford News

Catford, the viberant town in South East London has so much to offer, the following link leads to a website dedicated to everything Caford. Enjoy!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Catford Construction

Construction and redevelopment within Catford has enabled the town to flourish and create an influx of residents.
Also existing buildings hold stong architectural themes which create a destinction about Catford as a whole. The Broadway Theatre which was constucted with th influences of art deco. The Eros House was created using the 'brutalist' form of architecture. The features of brutalist architechture include the use of raw concrete as the main fetures of the construction form.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Abolition 200

A REMEMBRANCE conference titled 'Abolition 200' will be taking place at the Civic Suite, Lewisham Town Hall, Catford; this Sunday to commemorate the abolition of slavery over 200 years ago.
The conference will also be the launch of the five-year plan for the entire Lewisham borough.

The talk will begin at 10.15am and finish at 5.00pm and a buffet lunch will be provided.

Information and contact details can be seen here

Anorexia kills Catford Resident

CATFORD resident, Dawn Christopher died from serve anorexia, after being called 'fat' at school 30 years ago. She was taken to hospital where it was found that she had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 11.

Her mother, Jean Christopher spoke about her daughter, "conquering her demons", after succeeding to beat anorexia, but the eating disorder later returned.
Jean Christopher also mentioned that her daughter was called fat by a girl at school when she was aged 12 or 13.

Anorexia or Anorexia nervosais an eating disorder in which person chooses deliberately not to eat, so they can loose weight. It is said that at least 1 on 200 people suffer from Anorexia

The story can be seen here ,

Catford News

A DENTIST at a Catford dentistry, has been sacked and jailed for a year after it emerged that he scammed almost £41,000 out of the NHS, using his manager's details.

The full story can be read here .